Strip Out and

Small Demolitions

Strip Outs, Demolition & Removal in Sydney

Whether it’s a minor scale home renovation or office relocation, we can certainly help with any necessary deconstruction jobs.

What is a strip out?

During this process, we’ll remove all the unnecessary items and components of a room or space. Essentially, this is so the space can be cleared, redesigned and used for a different purpose. This means that we will be clearing out temporary floors and coverings, non-permanent ceilings and disconnecting your utilities (like gas and water). On top of this, we are trained in detaching air conditioning units and uninstalling lighting systems.

Types of strip outs

Our Sydney Rubbish Removal team is well equipped in handling various types of clearance work, regardless of whether they are big or minor. When it comes to commercial strip outs, our efficient team can clear out your commercial space promptly, removing all glass panels, while disassembling your shop frontage.

We are also highly trained in office-based clearance, which can be really complicated because of the complexity of an office space. With our team, however, there is no need to fret. We can effectively clear out any work stations, cubicles, kitchenettes, dividers or anything else you need removed from your space.

Even if you’re just renovating your private residence, we can help with any residential clear outs. We are well trained in removing sinks, shower recesses, toilets or any built-in cabinets you may have. We will remove any interior furnishings or fixtures you want, so that your renovation begins without any problems or hassles.


Small scale demolitions

We are also highly experienced in minor deconstructive work. What does this involve? This includes deconstructing floorboards, removing door frames and fittings and the removal of non-loading bearing walls.

We can help with the destruction of brick walls, concrete slabs or even the dismantling of detachments, like sheds and garages. Because we are also a rubbish removal company, we will dispose of any accumulated waste in an efficient and ethical manner. A lot of refuse can build up over the duration of
deconstructive work, so you’ll be thankful that we can take care of it for you!

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