There can be large amounts of rubbish and waste that need to be correctly disposed of when doing a big house clean or moving into a new property. Without hiring a rubbish removal business, this will be very time-consuming – especially when most people only have time to do a big clean on their weekends. Hard rubbish and electrical waste items such as fridges, computers, couches, beds and washing machines are not only heavy but also need to be disposed of differently.

Waste items may need to be recycled, disposed of in a landfill or can be donated to charity. Depending on the type of materials, rubbish needs to be segregated and identified before removing. One of the main reasons why this is an issue is the fact that most people do not want to spend their energy and time on junk disposal during their free time on the weekend.

As it can be tempting to cut a few corners, here are the main mistakes to avoid when disposing of your household rubbish:


Fly-tipping, also known as illegally dumping, your waste anywhere that is not licenced to accept rubbish is not only damaging for the environment but also illegal.  You will face penalties and possibly be taken to court if caught, whether it is a single piece of furniture or large piles of waste.

Burning your rubbish

Bonfires might be super-tempting to dispose of your hard rubbish and waste in, however, burning rubbish is prohibited, can cause air pollution and is very dangerous. Bellowing smoke is also a danger to traffic on nearby roads. To hire a professional rubbish removal business instead, contact Sydney Rubbish Removal and have us take away your rubbish stress-free.

Burying your rubbish

Burying rubbish can be harmful to the environment, even if it is on your own land. There are also numerous rules regulations around this as well.

Throwing away useful trash items

If a hard rubbish item such as a chair, old toys or even an old computer is not useful to you, it may be very useful for someone else. That is why we sort through all the hard rubbish and waste to identify any items that can be re-used or stripped for parts.

The cost of junk removal prices depend on the rubbish removal company as some may charge more and others may charge a little less. At Sydney Rubbish Removal, not only do we provide affordable and professional rubbish removal services but we can also provide a free quote as well.

If you’re searching for affordable and professional junk pickup services when moving into a new house or just doing the big yearly house clean, save yourself the money and time of hiring a skip bin. Contact Sydney Rubbish Removal to have our professional rubbish removal business manage your waste disposal instead.

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