Searching online for an affordable and professional home rubbish removal company can be quite a task if you don’t fully know what to consider during your search. If you are doing a big cleanup, getting your house ready to sell or moving into a new home, then you’ve got enough on your plate to worry about.

So, to make the search easier for you, here are four main things to consider when searching online to hire a home rubbish removal company in Sydney:

  1. Their process

When searching for a waste disposal company in Sydney to collect and remove your household junk, the most important aspect to consider is their process and how they operate. Will you have to sort through all of the junk and separate it yourself and then they will come and collect it? Will they do it all for you? What rubbish don’t they accept?

Make sure you read through their website to understand exactly what their process is. At Sydney Rubbish Removal, our trained team will sort through the entirety of your household rubbish to separate the waste into piles. These piles correspond to what trash items can be recycled, salvaged or disposed of. Then we load it onto our truck, haul it away and dispose of it accordingly for you.

  1. Their cost

Once you have found a home rubbish removal company, a good tip is to inquire if they charge for their services based on each load of rubbish collected or on an hourly rate. Finding a rubbish removal company in Sydney that can offer affordable fixed prices for their services is rare. This is because pricing is affected by where you are located, the type of trash that needs to be collected, how much labour is required and how much needs to be collected.

At Sydney Rubbish Removal, we provide a free quote with affordable rates before accepting any job. This makes it easy for you to understand exactly how much you will be paying before committing to making a booking.

  1. Their staff

Customer service is important. Even if the service is good and reliable, having a bad customer service experience means that it’s highly unlikely you’ll be using their service again. The key is to look at the customer reviews online to ensure that you are hiring a reputable and friendly service.

Our staff are trained and professional waste disposal experts with years of industry experience under their belt. They’ve dealt with a variety of different customers and understand that your time is money. They always put the customer first.

  1. Their recycling methods

At Sydney Rubbish Removal, we don’t just dispose of your waste into local landfills. We also strip trash items such as e-waste (electronic waste) for any materials or spare parts that can be salvaged and made into new products. We also recycle as much waste as we can to ensure we are as eco-friendly as possible when it comes to disposing of your household junk.

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