Is moving time soon approaching and you want to make sure that you receive all your bond back? Moving into a new apartment is a stressful time for anyone. Even after you have transported all your existing furniture and household items into your new apartment, there is still more work to be done.

Not only does the flat you are moving out of need to be thoroughly cleaned, but you will also have to get rid of all the left-over hard rubbish items and trash that gets generated. To ensure you get all your bond back, here is why you should turn to us for affordable and professional junk rubbish removal in Sydney. 

Getting rid of your junk the right way

There are many NSW laws, restrictions and Government regulations regarding how you dispose of your junk and household rubbish. If they aren’t adhered to, you could accidentally find yourself with a hefty fine as a result such as illegally dumping your rubbish, which is also known as ‘fly-tipping’.

By turning to Sydney Rubbish Removal, you avoid any sort of risk by having our trained rubbish removers handle the disposal process of your household junk. We come equipped with the right tools, trucks and industry knowledge of how to correctly dispose of all your waste.

Recycling as much as possible

Our team will promptly arrive once you have made a booking for our junk rubbish removal in Sydney, and will get straight to work by sorting through all of your household rubbish and waste items. They will identify various trash items that can be recycled or repurposed. E-waste (Electrical waste) items can be stripped for parts such as old phones, computers and lamps.

Hard rubbish items can be either broken down for their materials and fabrics or even donated to shelters and charities to be reused by people in need. These hard rubbish items can include cabinets, mattresses, desks, chairs and much more.

Even green waste can be recycled such as piles of leaves, soil, sticks, rocks, large branches and more. They are collected and hauled to an organic resource recovery facility to be separated, shredded, composted and then recycled.

Giving you more time and less stress

Having our team onboard will do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on the more important aspects of the move such as cleaning the apartment or making sure you haven’t forgotten or left anything behind.

We will first sort through all your junk and rubbish into piles. From there, we will load all the rubbish into our truck and dispose of it accordingly. Before we leave, we will clean down the area to ensure no pieces of debris or any sharp objects are left remaining.

Don’t spend your entire weekend disposing of all your rubbish. Contact Sydney Rubbish Removal and have our professionals take care of it for you with our affordable junk rubbish removal in Sydney. To organise your free quote or view our range of rubbish removal services, browse our website today.