Did you know that we are one of the biggest rubbish producers in the world and that the average Australian contributes an estimated 400kgs of waste each year? Did you also know that around 180kgs of that rubbish is made up of garden waste? This means that it is more important than ever to make sure you are disposing of your waste correctly. To make this quick, affordable and stress-free, we here at Sydney Rubbish Removal provide affordable garden waste removal in Sydney for businesses, households and much more.

What does green waste mean?

The definition of green waste means any trash item that is completely organic and biodegradable, and that can also be composted. It is the term for types of waste that naturally decay. Even though these kinds of waste are biodegradable, they still need to be disposed of correctly. If it is disposed of incorrectly, the waste will release harmful methane gas into the atmosphere due to anaerobic decomposition.

What are the most common examples of green waste?

Households typically generate a lot of green waste. The most common examples of green waste are items such as grass clippings from mowing the lawn on the weekend, piles of leaves when cleaning up the backyard, large branches while trimming or cutting down trees and much more. Businesses can also generate green waste in the form of food waste from restaurants, wood from broken pallets in warehouses and more.

The risks of improper disposal

There are many risks and consequences involved by not turning to rubbish removal services that provide garden waste removal in Sydney. Incorrectly disposing of and dumping vast piles of green waste can incur large fines and penalties. Not only this, but more importantly it is harmful to the environment. If left unchecked, the green waste can end up blocked in nearby water drainage systems or create potential fires by turning into fuel for a fire to burn through once it dries.

A stress-free alternative

Hiring a skip bin may seem like a cheaper and easier alternative, but is it really? You will still have to do all the hard work of collecting and disposing of the waste yourself, as well as doing all the cleaning up once you’re finished. As it’s a big job, simple mistakes can happen such as accidentally collecting grass clippings and leaves into a plastic bag but forgetting to remove the plastic bags when disposing.

For a stress-free alternative, our green waste disposal service will come to you, collect the waste, sort through it, load it onto our truck and dispose of it all for you. We’ll also clean up before we’re done so you can focus on more important tasks. We will provide a free quote and can even offer same day service depending on your location and requirements.

Turn to the professionals at Sydney Rubbish Removal for eco-friendly garden waste removal in Sydney. Call us today on 0404 152 001 or browse through our services to learn more.