Affordable Commercial Rubbish Collection in Sydney

It’s of no surprise that commercial and business waste is different from general waste that is generated in our households. Unlike typical rubbish such as leftover food, discarded packaging and empty containers, commercial spaces generate rubbish on a much larger scale. These trash items can include e-waste (Electronic Waste) and hard rubbish. As disposing of trash on this scale is a big job, we offer businesses a stress-free solution with our commercial rubbish collection in Sydney.

Not all rubbish is the same

Business and commercial rubbish collection consist of different types of rubbish that need to be treated and disposed of differently. Electronic waste items can be stripped for parts and shouldn’t be disposed of in a landfill. Hard rubbish, depending on the waste item, can be disposed of in a landfill and can also be stripped for parts being completely disposed of.

Here is a brief example of the difference:

Hard rubbish

  • Carpet– Typical commercial hard rubbish items can include carpet if a business is closing down and needs to completely strip out the office space.
  • Desks and chairs – If a business is upgrading their office equipment such as desks and chairs, then they will have to discard of their old equipment.
  • Filling cabinets – Depending on their material, filing cabinets made from steel can be recycled or scraped for certain materials to make new products.

Electronic waste

  • Computers – Whether closing down or upgrading equipment, businesses need to dispose of their computers correctly. Computers can be stripped for valuable parts such as circuit boards and even gold.
  • Printers and scanners – Much like computers, scanners and printers can’t just be simply sent to a landfill. They are also stripped for valuable parts which can include silver, copper, gold and even platinum.
  • Telephones – Landline telephones can be melted down and used to make new electronic products. Cordless telephones need to have their battery correctly recycled to avoid ending up in a landfill. If this happens, the battery’s casing will corrode over time and result in toxic chemicals leaking out into the surrounding soil.
An affordable and stress-free solution

With our extensive experience conducting commercial rubbish collection in Sydney, we know all too well the hassle and stress involved. This is why our trained professionals take pride in being quick and efficient, and depending on your situation, we also offer same day commercial rubbish collection.

We provide the manpower to get the job done quick, the right tools to ensure all legal requirements and standards are met, and a truck to load all the rubbish into. We’ll sort through all your commercial rubbish, identify what trash items are to disposed of or recycled, load it, transport it and dispose of it. This leaves you free to dedicate your time to more important tasks.

Adhering to the highest Australian safety standards and equipped with an experienced team of professionals, choose Sydney Rubbish Removal for affordable commercial rubbish collection in Sydney. Call us on 0404 152 001 or visit our website to organise a free quote today.